Saturday, 12 March 2011

Roxy is fashionable

Roxy is one of the most famous brand-name things, such as accessories, bags, wallets, purses, shoes, clothes, watches...It was so famous, a lot of people also love them..

The most popular thing are clothes, because people have to wear them everyday..Also accessories, they make us more good-looking...

I love Roxy, because it's fashionable, cute and cool, but it's a bit expensive..But some people love Guess, Gucci, LV, Layer...Another person, another opinion...

For me I prefer Roxy. Roxy is awesome..

Friday, 11 March 2011

Gucci are Fashionable

This is jewelry from Gucci products.

Clothes is the most important thing that people like to wear everyday anytime.Today i gonna show you about clothes that fashionable.A lot of type and mark are popular in my county and other country.Gucci is mark or model that popular it came from Italy,Florence Gucci products have clothes shoes leather bags jewelry and more.Now Gucci are popular in my country but the problem Gucci
products are fashionable for rich people because it very expensive.Jewelry are important too it make you more good looking.


Hi this my new blog. I RITH today i was tell you about the new fashion for 2011 and at this week. Do you what is the new fashion for this week? and I going to tell you what I like or not.

But at my school they like to wear the Baggy pants with a brand name there are expensive and this is the new fashion at my school but i don't like it do you know why it is didn't make me cool and they all so ugly. And girls like short skirt and neon colors. But like it why it is make they
fat and not cool.

Some boy wear faded jeans and athletic shoes. I think I like the shoes it had neon colors like green, pink and a lots of colors. And for this fashion the girls they wear the dark leggings , platform shoes , knee-high boots with all the neon colors . I like this it cool it make they cute.

This watch is a style form l e c watch .I love the new fashion watch.It's style that young boy it is so cool the wear it .it can save you power it

I'm so happy to write about this in the blog.

Thank you for reading my post or give comment and wish you GOOD LUCK ,HAS A GOOD DAY AND GOOD TIME ANYWAY .

All in all I want to say thank for my teacher that give me time to write this post .



My fashions about the T-shirt shoes and jeans

There are many fashions in the world. The fashions I would like to tell you is the fashion in south Korea. In the south Korea the fashions I would tell you are about shoes, jeans and T-shirt. They're a lot of people wear the T-shirt, and jeans. They like wear the T-shirt, that had many colors like white, black and the Neon colors and had the letters or the pictures on it. But I think many people they like to wear the Neon colors because it make your T-shirt is colorful. About the jeans they like to wear black or blue jeans and had the letters and some styles on the jeans. The shoes they like to wear are athletic shoes, boots or knee-high boots and plat form shoes. There are many styles and colors for the shoes. For athletic shoes I think it is colorful, boots they wear black or brown, knee-high boots and plat form shoes it's colorful.


Hello all of my friends I am a high school student in one school. Many of the student in my school are very fashionable and some are not fashionable. Some of them they like to wear the baggy pants cause they think it's cool but i don't like that fashion because I think it's look very ugly and not comfortable. But some of them are very nice and have a good looking.

For me I like sport clothes like sport shoes,sport short,sport T-Shirt... ,because it has a good looking and comfortable.I also like brand name clothes. Everyone think that brand name clothes are very expensive because it's in a high quality. But for me brand name clothes are very interesting because it has good looking , attractive and it is a good quality . When we look at the brand name clothes for the first time we will think that it's simple but when we wear it we will think that we are a high class person and hand some.

Fashion in my country

Hi my all friends!!! I will tell you about fashion in my country. The girls wear uniform school it look so good but some girls wear short skirts and make up I don't like this it very ugly. When they go for a walk they wear T-shirts with short jeans it so cute and I wear like this when I go for a walk. They go to party they wear brand-name clothing it high-quality and very expensive I don't have enough money to buy it I just wear the simple dress it not bad for me I like it. I see the some boy always wear faded jeans with athletic shoes I like the shoe but I don't like the jean it ugly.Sometime I think if I have a lot of money I will buy brand-name clothing because it fashion and high-quality.

My cute fashion style0_*

Hi! my name Sreyneath today I will write about my cute fashion style in some cold countries the girl under 20 years old they call teenagers have wear the fashionable and cute style they wear long sleeves T.shirts with short skirts and dark or colorful leggings with the platform boots ,too.Sometime the put the long comfortable scarf on their neck it can keep them warm from cold weather.

And sometime they want to get more interest so they wear the belt and bag to be more fashionable when they walk. And they can also wear gloves on their hands ,too.The style is comfortable ,cute and fashionable,too.

Not only in cold countries but in our country we can also wear ,too because many girl like cute style and comfortable we only take out the scarf,gloves or sometime we can change from platform boots to high heel or athletic shoes I think it more comfortable in our country because our country is hot wet.thank........

My school and My friend fashion .

Here is the fashion that I want to tell all of you are MY SCHOOL FASHION and MY FRIEND FASHION .

In my school some of boy like to wear the baggy pants , but I don't like it because when they wear it they look so uncomfortable and like a gangster. and they like to wear big watch it look cool. like to put the long hair with some color like Korean pop star they're look fashionable .

But some of boy didn't do like that. they like to where faded jeans which white shirt and athletic shoes and they put short hair with no color they look very comfortable and modest .

some girls like to wear short skirt with high heel and many style of hair with interested color. they look attractive , but I don't like because they look very sexy .

but some of girl are opposite they always wear longskirt with white shirt at school they also wear the sneakers and small watch I'm very like them because they're look very cute and modest.
this my friend fashion they like to wear T shirt and jeans with black shoes and big black watch and long brown hair , but at home she like to wear shots with T shirt and sometime she wear dress, I like her fashion because she look so cute and simple .

Nike is Awesome

Nike is the best quality clothes, shoes and bag. NIKE was produce by William J."Bill Bowerman Phillip H. Knight in January 1964 as Blue Ribbon Sports and in 1978 change Nike. There have many people use that brand in many country. There produce are athletic shoes, apparel, accessories and sport equipment.
Nike has contracted with more than 700 shops around the world and has offices located in 45 countries outside the United States.
Most of the factories are located in Asia, including Indonesia , China, Taiwan, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Pakistan, Philippines, and Malaysia.

Korea Fashion

South Korea is the most popular country. Many singer from this country is very popular around the world. Many fashions are bring from South Korea. Many cloths are bring from Korea and many people in Cambodia is try that......(^^).

Many South Korea super star are very famous with them lifestyles especially their fashion. Many country such as Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippine are following the fashion from this country.

Korea is the very cold country so many Korean girl like to wear T-shirt with double-breasted and bobble hat that make them so cute. Many Korea girl like to wear Platform shoes and Knee-high boots because that can make them more beautiful and comfortable. Many Korea girls also love the brand-name clothing too cause it great and look very formal. Many brand-name cloths are very popular in Korea. For the man in Korea they like to wear T-shirt and baggy pants or faded jeans with athletic shoes that make them hot.So South Korea is the country that famous by their fashion with a wonderful people.

Juicy Couture Brand-name Bags is Fashionable

Here is my Fashion Blog. I love Fashionable Bags, Wallets, Clothing and Shoes. But I like Bags and Wallet the most, Especially The Brand-name Bags. My favorite Brand-name bags and wallets is "Juicy Couture". It is the fashionable and Cute style, I've got the Juicy bags and wallet at home. Anyway, This Brand not only produce bags and wallet, but It also produce shirts and pants too. I don't like there Clothes, Because It looks old-Fashioned. I like to carry my Juicy bags and wallet everywhere I go. Everyone said that It's kind of weird, but I still
like them.

My Juicy Couture wallet nowadays, Is look the same as the picture, but different colors. I've got a little light pink and Black. This kind of style is little messy, but for me it's damn cool and make me look more attractive. Not only Juicy bags, but The other Brand-name bags I also interesting about it too. My life lived within Brand-name Stuff, even it's expensive but I try my best to take it.

Fashion in my School

Hello!everybody, now I want to tell you about "The fashion in my school". In my school , for the girls and the boys they always create their own fashion such as the clothes, hairs.... and there are many people like the modern fashion.

Some boys, they like to wear jeans with white or black belt and with shirt.But I don't like them because I think they're silly.I like to wear shorts with a T-shirt only. But I like their bags. I think they're cool and awesome. Jeans and white belts are very fashionable in my school. But I don't think like them. I think they're ugly.

Some girls, they like to wear short skirt with platform shoes and with knee-high boots. This fashion is very popular in my school. I like them too because they're very cute and beautiful.Not only me, but everybody like them too.

In conclusion, I think fashion always change and may differ from country to country.

Fashion In Phnom Penh

In Phnom Penh many teenagers like to catch up with the fashion . There are lots of cool fashion in clothing , and hair styles .

Jeans are quite popular for teenagers in my country , especially in my city . The famous and well known one is called '' Levi's '' . Most of them like to wear dark blue color and they like to wear it a little bit tight because it will show their slim and athletic body .

Polo shirt is also popular , too . Most young teen like to wear them . And they like to wear it in neon color because they bright and easy to see .

Most of the teenage boy like to do the spiky hair like Korean pop stars . And they like to wear sneakers and trainers because it so popular not only in my country but it is popular around America and Europe , too .In addition , it makes your feet clean and it is easier to run or walk .

Shorts skirt is popular for teenage girls in my city because it can show their white slim legs . In addition , the skirt looks cool with high heels , tight shirts .

Thank You for reading my post .

My neighborhood fashionable clothes

Hi!I'm Sivchhe .Today I want to show you what my neighborhood wearing?

Most of my neighborhood are fashionable.They love to wear Brand-name ,athletic shoes ,dark legging ,neon color ,cute watches ,platform shoes ,fashionable necklace ,cute earring and modern ring.They think all of these things can make them look fashionable .

For example like baggy pant. More teenage boy think that if they wear baggy pant it may make them look handsome.
For the teenage girls they really love to wear neon color shirt , short skirt ,dark legging and palm shoes.The girl who has wear this fashion clothes may think that they look cute.
But don't think like them because i think we should wear more normal clothes to make us look more modest .

About me,i love to wear comfortable t shirt and cool jeans and normal shoes. In my opinion,i think it make me comfortable to walk, do any work.and make me look modest.But sometime I wear fashionable clothes too . I hope that some teenage will think like me.

School fashions

Hi everybody! you should know my name. In my English school students are really fashionable. They like Korean and west country fashions so much of the teenage in my English school try to wear like them.

Some boys wear T-shirts, polo shirts sometime jacket with brand name . Even that they like to wear jeans, faded jeans or shorts with brand name sneakers or shoes. The famous brand name that the boy like are NIKE and ADIDAS.

And girl I don't know much about them but I see some girls like wear short skirt with high heel and on the top they wear normal T-shirt or blouse. another thing some of girls like to wear like the boy they wear jeans with sneaker and T-shirt and less of the girl in my English school they like to wear dress come to study.

Now it my turn I like to wear long red and black T-shirt with black nylon shorts and my lovely brand name sneaker. i don't like to wear long jeans because it make my legs hot and it feel uncomfortable. This is my school and my fashions style the I like to show all of you.

The Neighbor Shoes

Hello! everybody today i m going to write about fashion shoes that my neighbor use to wear like i wear. Some of my neighbor shoes that they use for taking exercise at the back of they house or some where.

Next thing i m going to tell you is my shoes that i wear to school every day.I just go a new shoes from Vietnam. Shoes in Vietnam is excellent with the shoes the got some to lather shoes and some very good sneaker some sneaker are made very soft for an old man and old woman.There a lot of modern shoes like Techno Shoes .

The Techno shoes got a electronic under the platform of the shoes.The have mp3 radio.The Techno shoes is for walking slowly but not running just an original walk not for jugging or do any thing that is fast.The sandles is from Italy .some of the sandles are very expensive than the sneaker and hieghheel.The sandle are good foe going some where or wearing it at home.

Some sandle are made out of a glass is ver expansive.Some of the other shoes are very funny there like real feet or a feet but wear it as shoes.In Japan some of the student at school wear feet shoes in class it can protect the from dirty in there class.Shoes are very important if we don't wear shoes we may got a lot of virus in our body.Shoes are very fashionable for lady and women like high-heel.

Well that is the end of the of the fashion shoes story.You gonna love my shoes story.

My favorites fashion

Hi all friends here are the fashion that I love. I likes wearing shorts or short skirt with white T-shirt and athletic in the evening when I played basket ball or badminton. I like to wear it because it look cute and easy to sport.

In the morning I likes wear jeans with neon shirt and brand-name shoes like VNE cause it look and we no need to wear sexy in the morning. If I go to dinner I like to wear short dress with brand-name bag and shoes. Wearing short dress it look so cool and sexy. When I went to school I like to wear T-shirt and jeans because it look simple and we shouldn't sexy in the school. I love to use VNC shoes, GUESS or BEBE shirt, and CHANNEL bag.

This is the picture of Pancake she is the star. I like her wearing. Finally thank for enjoy reading my post and if u like wearing like me u can comment here. Please tell me if I have any mistake.